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Starter Agility prices 2018

6 week course £60.00


Booking Agility Starter Classes & 1 2 1s

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The courses are for 6 weeks, same hour each week for the 6 weeks, This is a course with set lessons for that time.

When you submit the form you will not be guaranteed a space in any class.  Your space will only be guaranteed when payment in full has been received.

Payment will be asked for in advance.

Please note we aim  to email everyone who books within 24 hours, Please check your spam  email after this time.

2018 Starter Agility Dates

Note: Dogs must be a minimum of 12 months when the starter class they have chosen commences.

Monday 6.30pm April 9th 1 spaces

Monday 6.30pm June 4th 4 spaces

Tuesday 6.30pm April 3rd 4 spaces

Wednesday 6.30pm April 18th 4 spaces

Wednesday 6.30pm May 30th 4 spaces

Thursday 8.00pm  February 8th Full

Thursday 7.00pm April 5th 1 space

Saturday 11.30am January 20th Full

Saturday 11.30 April 7th 3 spaces

1 2 1 Training Agility Training

1 2 1 (2-2-1) lessons

This can cover any agility training, from full courses, course management to the various skills the sport demand, We can accommodate the complete beginner who wishes there dog to experience agility isolated from the distraction of other dogs right the way through to the advanced who wish to hone their skills.

1 2 1 are booked via email only unless a club member.